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Numerology holds the power to reveal all secrets. Knowing about numerology secrets would help you be alert to the possibility of any of the signs of the Universe. Although, some of the signs can be fairly obvious, we tend to overlook them.

Numerology Secrets to Success

For instance, it is possible to see the same person everyday while jogging in Central Park who might be able to help you get you a great job and career success. However, one thing is for sure which is that every sign comes in the form of numbers, and most of us just are not aware of the numerical patterns.

This is where numerology secrets to life come into place. They look into the numerology secrets of your birthday. It is as simple as the law of attraction.

When you know about the secrets of numerology, you would be able to take action whenever the opportunity arises.

It is extremely important to become acquainted with the numerology hidden secrets.

The secret meaning of the number 0 to 9. Seeing any of these numbers in your life, especially if they repeat is not a coincidence.

This guide will provide you with the information that you need to manifest your goals.

secrets of numerologyNumber 0: On the Right Path

Although, the number is usually associated with nothingness, such an idea might be misleading. However, this number cannot be your Life Path Number. But, it can be added to other numbers in order to add greater significance.

If you keep coming across zeroes, you are on the right path and should not change anything.

Number 1: Embrace New Beginnings by Making Changes

When you come across the number 1, it actually suggests that you are having trouble with negativity. It is due to the fact that you might have created your own reality. When you see this number, it is a reminder that you need stop creating more negativity.

What you need to do is refocus your mind towards good things instead of fears and ensure that you think about abundance instead of lack. As you overcome the negativity, take the step of embracing change.

Number 2: Expect Balance and Harmony

Does life seem tough? Don’t worry because if you come into contact with 2 multiple times, it means that you might be surrounded by conflict at present, but would overcome it with patience.

When there is a repetition of the number 2, it tells you that you need to hold on and balance will come your way. Stay optimistic. Positive thinking will help you fight your surroundings and any negative thoughts.

numerology number secretsNumber 3: Follow Your Dreams

The number 3 helps indicate that there are sources of wisdom and love that are nearby. It is also associated with good fortune and luck. For instance, if you go out for dinner with a colleague and see plenty of 3s on the check, it could because this person could actually help you considerably in life.

Furthermore, it is the same time that you should expand your knowledge, follow your dreams and keep pushing yourself. After all, luck and wisdom, are on your side.

Number 4: Time for a Leap of Faith

The number 4 is known for routine and stability. For example, the seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn).

In case you see the number 4 more than usual, it might be because you are playing things too safe. It could be that you have been following a strict routine in life, waiting for the right time or planning extensively, instead of actually following your dreams.

Number 5: Be Grateful to Everyone and Everything

The number 5 is associated with change and adventure. It appears when it is time to listen to what your body says and the people around you. It could be due to the fact that you are not collaborating as much or are taking on too much.

Seeing the number 5 often means that you need to bring about a positive change through the appreciation of the world around you.

Number 6: Get Rid of Negative Energy

The number 6 represents lovers in tarot. In a similar, if the number six keeps appearing, it might be time for you to focus on self-love and embrace inner peace.

When you hold yourself back by fear or anxiety, the number six would surround you. It wants you to know that you need to see things differently by moving on from past feelings.

numerology report

number secretsNumber 7: Prepare Yourself for a Spiritual Awakening

The number 7 is commonly used in religion such as in Islam. It is used to describe the seven heavens and more. In Holy Scriptures such as the Quran or even the Bible, the number 7 holds great power. Similarly, if you come across number 7, it means that new opportunities await you, especially ones which are spiritual.

It might come in shape with new classes, job adverts, places to lives, or anything else appearing. It doesn’t matter where the repeated 7s appear, just keep in mind that something advantageous is on its way. Follow your gut and let your instincts guide you, and lead you to your spiritual awakening.

Number 8: Sign of Success

In Chinese society, the number 8 is considered to be extremely lucky. The number has a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Furthermore, the shape of the number suggests repetition and the link to infinity. So, if you come across number 8, it is time to let positivity take its hold of you.

If you come across the number 8, it points toward boosting your self-confidence or becoming more knowledgeable in your field.

universe magicNumber 9: Share Wisdom with the World

The number 9 is linked with empathy and compassion. Seeing it repetitively is a sign of being a natural empath. It shows that you have the power to bring good to the lives of others.

Share Numerology Secrets with Friends

Now that you know about the numerology secrets, it is time that you share it with others. Besides, if you have been seeing the number 9 then it is natural for you to share.

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