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House Address Numerology: Calculate Your Home Street Address Number

Address Numerology

What do you look for when you are searching for buying a living space?

The size of it, how much it costs and the location- are mainly the things on a person’s need-to-check list when they search for a place of their own.

However, have you ever given it a thought that your house address numerology i.e. house number or the street number can have a significant effect in your life too?

According to numerology, the study of numbers and numerical values of letters, there is a divine and abstract connection between the numbers connected to a place and the energy that the place resonates.

It is an ancient concept dating back to the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, but it is still something many people believe in and practice.

It says that your house number numerology help to determine the surrounding energy of a certain place and its effect on the lives of the people who live in there.

Home address numerology i.e. the numbers related to your place- your house number, building number or street number can be effectual in deciding the personality and characteristics of your living space.

Want to find out your home’s personality and what kind of energy you surround yourself with? Here is the method to do it.

Numerology address calculator explained

Follow this guide step-by-step to find your house number.

In order to find your address meaning numerology write down the full number of your apartment or house.

Then you need to reduce this address to one single digit.

Find the sum by adding all the numbers. E.g. you live in 459 South Block. 459 is your house number.

Add: 4+5+9=18.

Now reduce 18 to a single digit: 1+8=9.

That means the number of your 459 South Block, house is 9.

If there are letters in your house number (like 112N, 50-A, etc.), you need to include their numerical value to calculate your house number as well.

Here is the Pythagorean Numerology chart to help you find out the numerical value of letters:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

So, if you live in a 41-B apartment or house, your house number can be calculated as:

4+1=5 then by adding 5 with the numerical value of B that is 2 you get your house number 5+2=7.

You do not need to trouble yourself about your numerology street address much.

The number related to your home is far more effectual than the numerology of your street address.

This is because all the people who live there share the numerological effect of your street.

Therefore, many share its effect, but your house is your personal space and that is why home numerology can only affect you and the other people you live with.

numerology address number meaningKnow your home

Let’s see according to numerology address numbers what kind personality your home possesses.

Since you have figured out your house number, now check out what does this number tells about your home and if the personality of your living space is in harmony your personality or the values you and your family hold.

number 1 houseNumber 1 Home

This house number is all about being No.1.

It represents leadership, independence, ambition, innovation.

House 1 can be great for self-employed people or entrepreneurs, and for people who are more inclined to do most of the things single-handedly.

It is totally your type if you want to maintain your freedom and independence.

Challenges: This place possesses a lot of self-energy and this is how helps you maintain your autonomy. When it comes to collaborating and co-operation, it may not be your best choice as it lacks the vibe of reciprocity.

number 2 houseNumber 2 Home

This home is all about a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Its characteristics are the polar opposite of 1 Home as it promotes togetherness, fostering and inclusiveness.

This is the best place to live a happy family life as the energy of the house encourages people to be considerate and think things from others point of views.

Challenges: This home can make you avert from your individuality and you may always find yourself getting deeply involved with the emotional lives of the people you are living with. Self-dependence is not a thing the vibe of this home can relate to.

number 3 houseNumber 3 Home

Promotes optimistic and positive energy, 3 home is a place full of joy and buoyancy.

This place is great for social gatherings since it never lacks in entertainment-energy.

This is a nice place for artists and people related to the creative field as 3 home promotes creativity as well.

Challenges: This home, however, comes with a disadvantageous vibe of being unfocused in one’s life and/or spending too much to maintain their social lives which straight up can lead to money problems.

number 4 houseNumber 4 Home

If you are in a phase of life, where you feel the need to slow down or steady your life this home is perfect for you.

Its energy promotes stability, security, loyalty, development and hard work.

Living here can support you starting a family or growing a business where mutual trust is earned through effort and hard work.

Challenges: The energy of this house supports attaining your goal through continuous work, so if you do not take a break to loosen up it may seem heavy and make you weary.

number 5 houseNumber 5 Home

The energy of this home encourages versatility, adventure, and fearlessness.

Living here can teach you how to use your liberty positively as it brings a sense of independence through self-discipline.

You live life to its fullest while being free, having fun and facing your challenges.

Challenges: The fast-moving intense energy of this house can make you feel you are losing balance. It leaves with you little time and energy for self-development and realization as you are constantly engaged with a bunch of social activities.

number 6 houseNumber 6 Home

This place is ideal for people who want to “feel home”.

You feel the urge to nurture and take care of others.

Because of the nurturing energy of this house, it is perfect for children and pets.

Everyone feels welcomed at home 6 for its balanced energy and homely warmth.

Challenges: One of the characteristics of 6 home is family responsibility. You need to make sure you are taking good care of yourself as you might be spending too much time nurturing others. You might find yourself compromising with your priorities for the sake of your home and the people you live with.

number 7 houseNumber 7 Home

This place resonates secrecy vibration, making the people who live here craving for privacy.

7 home drives you towards contemplation and introspection.

If you are a writer or researcher and love to get lost in your own world this place is the right option for you.

Challenges: Home 7s encourages escapism. The dwellers of this home often try to avoid and escape the real world. If you are a party animal, you might display a completely different nature and find yourself wanting to be isolated and lonely.

number 8 houseNumber 8 Home

8 home is the place you would want if you are career oriented.

The number 8 represents power, prestige, and abundance. Living in an 8 home favors your financial endeavors.

The passionate vibe of this place has the ability to drive you towards prosperity.

Challenges: Though this home is all about money, power, and opulence, the energy of this place involves a risk that means the vibration of 8 home sometimes attracts losses too. People who live here are prone to be workaholic in nature and might lose the balance between work and life.

number 9 houseNumber 9 Home

People easily get drawn towards the homely vibe of number 9.

Home 9 promotes compassion and community.

Everyone feels welcomed and accepted here.

If you live in a 9 home you might experience your acquaintances reaching out to you and seeking your advice.

It also gives away the vibe of selflessness and forgiveness.

The numerology of this house number encourages you to think about the betterment of others.

Challenges: This is not a desirable place for you if you are in a phase of life where you only want to concentrate on yourself and stay away from other affairs.

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