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Marriage Compatibility by Numerology: Test Your Marriage Match

marriage compatibility numerology

It is said that all marriages are made in heaven.

It is somewhat true.

However, you can enhance the essence of your marriage if you can find the perfect compatibility results of you both.

Marriage compatibility numerology helps in determining the compatibility rate of you and your better half and thus results in improving your marriage.

Marriage is an institution held by human beings which is as old as them only.

It is not at all an easy job where two people come together to form a family.

For a successful marriage, all you need is some compatibility. Without mutual understanding, a marriage can never be successful.

It might happen that there is enough love between you two, you support each other in every aspect of life and you know each other very well.

However, have you ever given it a thought that marriage compatibility by numerology can actually help in making your relationship stronger?

Marriage compatibility in numerology is not at all a tough game and you can test it with your own life partner for getting the best out of your marriage.

Numerology compatibility for marriage can be tested before and after marriage as well.

The divorce rates in the countries are increasing day by day due to incompatibility issues.

That is where marriage compatibility test by numerology shows its actual colors.

If done before marriage, you can get to know the positive and negative sides of your partner and match it with yourself.

This way you can have a clear idea about what to change and what to not for making this marriage a successful one.

Want to find your numerology compatibility numbers for marriage? Here is the method of doing it right.

numerology marriage compatibilityMarriage compatibility numerology calculation explained

Marriage compatibility according to numerology can be done by using your psyche number, which is also known as life path number. A psyche number is a special number related to you which can easily portray your traits of personality.

You can get your psyche number by simply following these steps.

  1. Suppose, your birthday is on 25th August 1997. So, what you need to do is to just add up the sums of your whole birth date. Like, your birth date is 25, so 2+5=7. Then comes your birth month which is the 8th one in the calendar. So, 8+0=8. Next is the year, 1+9+9+7=26. Keep on adding double-digit numbers in order to get a one-digit number. So, 2+6=8.
  2. Now you just need to add all the sum results to find out your psyche number. SO, it goes on like 7+8+8=23. Now, as said, you need to keep on adding to convert the double-digit numbers to one-digit. So, your psyche number is 2+3=5.

marriage match numbersMarriage match numerology: 1-9 numbers

With your psyche number, now you can determine your marriage compatibility with your partner.

These numbers can help in checking which psyche number is the perfect one for you.

You can also get to know the various characteristics and personality of your life partner.

Psyche number 1:

If you have psyche number 1, then you are a person who is strong and love to be disciplined. You are always attracted to strong and positive forces. You love to set your life goals with a vision and therefore, you can do success in the world of business.

Challenges: You might experience some bad temper at times when you cannot fulfill your goals. For this, you are the most compatible with psyche number 2, 3 and 9.

Psyche number 2:

If you have psyche number 2, then you are a person who is very romantic, artistic and loves to be graceful. You view the world with two views and you love beautiful and romantic surroundings.

Challenges: You might act a bit childish at times. For you, the best-suited psyche numbers are 1, 2 and 3.

Psyche number 3:

If you have psyche number 3, you are most likely to be very spiritual. You love working hard and love to make new friends. You love to lead life in a disciplined way.

Challenges: You might be superficial at time. Psyche numbers 1, 2 and 9 are the best for you.

Psyche number 4:

If you have psyche number 4, you are a person who is very faithful and loves security.

Challenges: You might become a bit overwhelmed at times due to lack of security. Psyche numbers 5, 7 and 8 are best suited for you.

Psyche number 5:

If you have psyche number 5, you are a person who searches for the sources of excitement. You love to build up your intellect.

Challenges: You might have the problem of looking around for high standards. You are best suited with psyche numbers 1, 4 and 6.

Psyche number 6:

If you have psyche number 6, you are a person who is very convincing at everything you do. You love to be romantic.

Challenges: You might suffer from depression at times. You are best suited with psyche numbers 4, 5 and 8.

Psyche number 7:

If you have psyche number 7, you are a very moody and intellectual person. You love to spend your life privately and be mystical.

Challenges: You might not like to mingle around in society or with your friends. Psyche numbers 1, 2 and 9 are best suited for you.

Psyche number 8:

If you have psyche number 8, you are an ambitious person. You love what you do and you are very loving.

Challenges: You might suffer from depression at times.

Psyche numbers 1 and 2 are the best marriage matches for you.

Psyche number 9:

If you have psyche number 9, you are a compassionate lover. You love to be empathetic and you look around for people who can provide you with some stability in life.

Challenges: You might be a control freak. The best matches for you are psyche numbers 1, 4 and 5.

If you find this guide of marriage compatibility numerology to he be helpful in setting up with your marriage match, share this with your friends and family on social media to help them with their future.