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Find Your Life Path Number Meaning! How To Calculate Life Path Number In Numerology (With Name or Birth Date)

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We all are always excited to know about what our life is all about.

Sometimes we are so much engulfed in our daily routines that we do not get the opportunity to reflect and think over it.

The life path number brings us closer to the aforementioned excitement.

Use our Life Path Number Calculator to get your life path number instantly.

Different schools of thought will provide different answers.

While most people turn to religion to understand the meaning of their lives and also themselves, others go for various spiritual practices.

One of the most effective spiritual methods is numerology.

This is the art of finding out the various dimensions of our life through the study of the numbers that are associated with our life.

find your life path number with nameThe Wonder That Is Numerology To Guide Us In Our Life

Numerology also helps you to know more about yourself, mainly what you are made up of.

This is why you will find some people asking how to calculate life path number numerology.

So why even bother to calculate the life path number in numerology?

The main intent of doing this is to understand the inner self as mentioned before.

It helps you understand what your core values are.

These core values help you make what you are.

Sometimes, we are not able to perceive ourselves as beings with a conscious.

It helps you take a stock of your inner soul which helps you to introspect about your life.

Several things can come out as a result of this about which we will discuss later.

If you want to calculate life path number in numerology, the method is quite simple.

First, you can calculate the life path number with the name.

This simply involves your first name.

calculate life path number in numerologyCalculating Life Path Number Through Your Name

So here’s the method.

Write down your name and assign each letter of your name a number that corresponds to its position in the alphabet.

Let’s suppose your name is ‘Carl’.

The corresponding numbers will be 3, 1, 18 and 12.

The next step is to add all the numbers together until you get a single-digit number.

In this case, you get 34.

Further, we will add 3 and 4 where we get 7 as the result.

Now every single-digit number, right from 1 to 9 has been attested certain characteristic personality traits.

For example, while a certain number signifies honesty, integrity, and loyalty, others might signify emotion and empathy for others.

Going for our example, Carl seems to be a peaceful person who reflects on his actions, decisions and his life in general.

It is most likely that this person is going to find the right balance in his relationship.

The shadowy side of number 7 is that it is analytical and hence a bit skeptical in its approach.

To tone down the dark side of its characteristics, Carl needs to appreciate life and its beauty more often.

path compatibilityCalculating the Life Path Number Through Your Date Of Birth

People who have become aware of the numerology may ask how to calculate my life path number other than my name.

It’s a prudent question.

The main intention here seems to be that there should be multiple ways to reach an answer.

In this method, you can reach the answer by adding up all the digits of your date of birth.

Let’s suppose that you were born on 30th October 1990.

Just add 3 and 0, 1 and 0 and 1+9+9+0.

So we have 3+1=4 and 19. 19+4=23.

Adding further, we get 5.

Now we will compare this number with the numerology chart.

Whatever characteristics we find in the numerology chart are the characteristics that we can expect from a person with numerology number 5.

This abundantly answers the question of how to find your life path numerology number.

Now looms the question that which one is to be believed?

If you are really keen to know your life path numerology number, you should perhaps visit a professional numerology expert.

These experts will find your numerology number in the most accurate method and then suggest to you what changes need to make in your life based on the results.

Taking A Look At The First Three Life Path Numbers

Someone with numerology life path number 1 is the aggressive one and a doer.

He/she is the one full of primal energy and makes sure to get things done exactly how they should be done and on time.

You can say that people with number 1 are the father figures.

They are the ruthless leaders who get things done.

Coming to life path number 2, they are termed as the ‘mother’.

These ones are gentle, understanding and also generally diplomatic on a whole.

People with life path number 3 are termed as ‘the talented child’ who signifies that these individuals are blessed with a skill or a knack for doing something really well.

These are the individuals who can turn things around with their talent and they usually have a charismatic personality.

numerology life path numbers 1, 2, 3 meaning


Life path number is a very interesting and intriguing way to find out what you are from within.

This helps you understand what lies at the core of your personality.

Knowing one’s life path number can help them turn their lives around.

Many people have actually reported that knowing their life path number has helped them to understand their true inner selves.

This led to them setting their life mission or even changing their life mission if they had set it wrong altogether.

If you feel you are lost in life, your first step is to find the core of yourself, which will help you understand what you need to do ahead in life.