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Baby Name Numerology: Picking the Lucky Name!

baby name numerology

Unlike the past, baby names are rarely chosen at random.

Lately, a growing number of parents have turned to the study of numerology to select the best possible name for their newborn child to bring out the best in their little ones.

For those who don’t know about numerology, it’s a mystical relationship between numbers and living things.

It’s believed that right from birth till death; numerology has a vital role to play in a person’s life.

Been in existence for thousands of years, numerology involves the use of numbers just as astrologers make use of planetary positions.

Since parents want their kids to do well in life, baby name numerology is gaining widespread popularity these days.

Why should you incorporate numerology to name your newborn child?

In the fascinating world of numerology, ‘name’ is everything.

According to numerologists, the name that you choose for your little one will play a significant role in his/her eventual personality and destiny because each letter in our name coordinates with a corresponding number that holds great power and meaning.

So, you are not merely choosing a name; you are setting your child up for success or failure.

In other words, numerology is the means to select a ‘lucky’ name for your child so that he/she can start attracting all the good things in life from childhood.

So, your child will be able to achieve all the milestones in life easier and faster than usual.

It’s like being born with a winning edge in life by merely choosing a name that fits flawlessly with the best numerological traits.

baby name numerology

Why not choose a Lucky Name?

Since a name chosen at birth will stick with the child throughout his life, why not give him/her a lucky name in the first place itself?

Many believe that a child could suffer from the choice of an unlucky name, and could prosper by getting a lucky name.

Names that correlate with positive numbers can create a positive energy around the child.

On the contrary, an unlucky name can pose many life problems according to the study of numerology.

From bad health to bad luck, many negative effects have been linked with the choice of an unfavorable name.

Therefore, the onus is on the parents to handpick a good name based on numerology to help the child sail smoothly through the journey of life.

So, are you ready to add a touch of magic into your child’s life through numerology?

Visit our free numerology name calculator here.

Baby Name Numerology Compatibility Calculation

If you want to name a baby based on numerology, you will have to find the values to these core numbers.

  • Soul Number
  • Physic Number
  • Destiny Number

Why do you need these three numbers?

Well, the perfect name as per numerology is the one, where the physic number and the destiny number correspond well with the soul number.

Basically, the physic number along with the destiny number should be a friendly or equivalent number of the soul number.

To know the friendly or equivalent status of a number, you merely have to look at the ‘second’ chart (shown later).

Before that, we will let you know how to find the physic, destiny, and soul number.

Like every other parent out there, you must have shortlisted a few names for your little angel.

Let’s show you how to find out the soul number of the shortlisted names.

Numerology assigns every alphabet a number as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Steps for Numerology Soul Number Calculation:

  1. Take all the numerical value of each alphabet in the name.
  2. Add them all together.
  3. If the sum total of the name turns out to be a double-digit, reduce it to a single digit.
  4. Example: 45 would be 4+5=9
  5. If the total value comes to 11 or 22, you don’t have to reduce them to a single digit.
  6. Number 11 and 22 are ‘master numbers’ that carry special energies.

Soul Number Example:

Name: Jane
Adding numbers of each letter in the name =1+1+5+5
Converting double digit to single digit: 12=1+2 =3
So, the name soul number of Jane will be: 3

There are quite a few baby name numerology calculators out there that can do this math for you. That said, it’s not a tedious process to do on your own. Even if you have to compute the soul number value of more than half a dozen names, it shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to do so.

Psychic Number Calculation

Now, that we have found out the soul number, let’s find out the psychic number. Psychic number is calculated based on the birthday.

Psychic Number Example:

Baby Born on 22nd December 2016
Birth Date (22=2+2=4)
4 is the psychic number

Destiny Number Calculation

Destiny number is calculated based on the full date of birth and not merely the birth day.

Destiny Number Example:

Full Birth Date (2+2+1+2+2+0+1+6=16) 16=1+6 =7
7 is the Destiny Number

Now, we have all the core numbers handy with us: soul number, psychic number, and destiny number.

Let’s see if the psychic number (4) and the destiny number (7) is friendly number or equivalent number of soul number (3).

To find this out, let’s take a look at the chart given below:

Soul Number Friendly Number Equivalent Number
1 4 & 8 2, 3 ,7 & 9
2 7 & 9 1, 3, 4 & 6
3 6 & 9 1, 2, 5 & 7
4 1 & 8 2, 6, 7 & 9
5 3 & 9 1, 6, 7 & 8
6 3 & 9 2, 4, 5 & 7
7 2 & 6 3, 4, 5 & 8
8 1 & 4 2, 5, 7 & 9
9 3 & 6 2, 4, 5 & 8

In the above example, the psychic number is 4 and the destiny number is 7.

As you can see from the chart above, 4 and 7 is not a friendly number or equivalent number of soul number 3.

So, the baby name cannot be kept on the basis of soul number 3, which means that the name Jane is not a suitable name number as per the baby’s date of birth.

Baby Name Numerology Compatibility Calculation

Numerology Baby Name Meaning: What does the Baby Name Numbers Actually Mean?

The baby names are kept in accordance to the special number that simultaneously reflects the physical traits according to the life number.

So, let’s discuss the characteristics linked to each number that corresponds with the positive personality traits that you hope to see in your little angel.

numerology number 1Number 1: Leader

The top personality trait linked with name number 1 is leadership.

So, if your baby name number is 1, you can expect your little one to have a lot of potential and inner strength to achieve great things in life.

The number 1 kids are able to make good use of their inborn skills to influence and lead others.

The best part is that once the child keeps honing his/her inborn leadership qualities, he/she will be able to accomplish a lot more in life.

Number 1 kids generally grow up to leaders, lawyers, inventors, administrators, explorers, or writers.

numerology number 2Number 2: Kind-Hearted

The top personality trait linked with name number 2 is kindness.

This number will give your child special powers to be highly adaptive in any situation in life.

Your kid will grow up to be an extremely co-operative person.

And, he/she will also be able to make a lot of friends in life due to his/her helpful and kind nature.

Since this number is associated with kindness and goodness, choosing the name number 2 would be a perfect choice for parents who expect their little angel to possess a heart of gold.

In the early life stages though, your little one would prove to be a cry-baby type kid.

However, good nourishment can set him/her up on the right path down the road.

numerology number 3Number 3: Social-Animal

If you want your kid to be a social butterfly, the name number 3 can do the trick for you.

The name number 3 kids are projected to be extremely social in life.

They are able to express themselves immensely well right from their childhood.

As they grow up, they might be inclined towards arts or any other activity that involves them to use their colorful imagination.

Highly social and ambitious, they could end up being flourishing writers, entertainers, photographers, jewelers, or orators.

Moreover, they will grow up being popular among friends/peers.

Parents should encourage name number 3 kids so that they flourish in whatever life path they choose for themselves.

numerology number 4Number 4: Disciplined

The best personality characteristic of number 4 babies is discipline.

Such kids will be sincere, hard-working, and practical—all at the same time.

Delightfully enough, these qualities will help them succeed in all areas of life.

And, number 4 kids will be capable enough to deal with most chaotic situations in life.

That said, they might have a moody and unconventional outlook towards life in the early phase of their lives.

As parents, you should encourage them to have a positive outlook towards life.

Number 4 kids can grow up to be a successful mathematician, TV personality, inventor, mechanic, or reformer.

numerology number 5Number 5: Adventurous

Number 5 kids will be full of life.

They will be highly adventurous by nature, which will tell you that they will love their freedom more than anything else in life.

This also means that they will easily get bored with the routine life.

Therefore, they will always be on the lookout for new things in life.

Full of zest and energy, their pursuit of new things will keep them happy in life.

And, don’t be surprised if they were to choose several activities in life to keep themselves totally engaged.

As kids, they will turn out to be fast learners, and they will be able to make friends easily.

They will be able to get along with almost everyone.

They can grow up to be communicators, scientists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, travel agents, salesperson, or PR person.

numerology number 6Number 6: Responsible

Congratulations! You are a parent of a responsible child.

Number 6 name birth kids tend to have a sense of civic sense and responsibility right from a tender age.

So, they are not the ones to hide away from their responsibilities.

And, they will have high regards for their family.

In other words, family will always be number one priority for them at all times.

And, they will try to fulfill the responsibilities given to them in the best manner possible.

Moreover, they will possess a unique ability to sense how things will most likely turn out to be.

Profession-wise, they can grow up to be doctors, social workers, lawyers, teachers, or community leaders.

numerology number 7Number 7: Curious

If your kid’s name number is 7, you have an extremely curious kid at your hands.

By nature, your kid will try to find out more about everything in life.

The kid’s never-ending quest for more information will make him/her an extremely knowledgeable person.

That said, they will also have a very reserved side to their personality, where they won’t interact much with others.

This isn’t to say that they are the shy-type kids, but they would prefer their own company. They will mostly grow to be a self-reliant individual.

And, they will do extremely well during the academic years of their life.

Number 7 kids can make amazing investigators, researchers, accountants, travelers, scientists, or analysts.

numerology number 8Number 8: Practical

If your little one’s name number is 8, your kid will grow up to be a highly ambitious and confident person.

So, you don’t have a day-dreamer at your hands, but an absolute achiever, who is ready to take on everything on the path to success.

Your kid will often end up at the top.

The kid’s practical approach towards life will also help him/her immensely along the way.

From a very early age, your kid will be more mature than the rest of the pack.

On the flip side, number 8 kids often tend to be easily misunderstood in life, which could lead to personality issues in life.

Parents must make efforts to help them have an open and positive attitude towards life.

They can grow up to be in some authoritative positions such as government officials, bankers, lawyers, business head, or managers.

numerology number 9Number 9: Compassionate

Your child will have a lot to offer to the world.

Babies under the positive influence of number 9 will show a lot of love and compassion towards others.

From childhood, they will have a very helpful nature, which will make them serve others selflessly with a high degree of tolerance than most people.

Their caring and noble nature will make them a crowd favorite too.

And, they will also tend to be quite bold and courageous in life.

That said, they might be quite short-tempered during the early years of their lives.

Parents must coach their kids to manage their temper so that they can be the master of their own fate when it’s show-time in life.

Such kids can have a remarkable career as military officers, media personalities, firefighters, politician, publishers, or surgeon.

Number 11: Idealism

Baby name number 11 is a master number.

If the name number is 11, your baby will be the man on a mission type of person.

He/she will be at the top of any field of his/her choice.

With an uncanny ability to be the best of the best, your kid will win a lot of respect and authority in life.

Winning will be like second nature for your kid.

And, you will see such positive signs in your kid from a very early age.

Not only will the kid be good at his/her work, but he/she will also prove to be an inspiration for others.

Compared to other numbers, master numbers are rare.

If the name number 11 is compatible with the birth number, then you have a true hero at your hands.

Number 22: Charmer

So, do you have a charming little baby in your house?

Well, every kid out there has a charming presence, isn’t it?

But, the number 22 kids are a cut above the scope.

They could win anyone’s heart with their charismatic personality in a jiffy even during their adulthood phase of life.

This will help them be friends with a lot of people.

Along with charming nature, they will also possess the ability to diffuse difficult situations like no one else out there.

They will have a solution for every problem that life throws at them.

They won’t give up easily no matter what. Because of this, they will be able to enjoy great success in life.

Wrap Up:

Don’t you think that the study of numerology was fun?

So, why not take the first step and choose an auspicious name for your little darling?

A single decision that you take today can help your kid for the rest of his/her life.

To let your child have a great start in life, it’s not a big risk to take.

This isn’t to say that a person cannot be successful without a numerological-suited name.

But, the point here is that there are no side-effects to numerology, meaning that you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Keep in mind that the art of numerology has been in practice since thousands of years.

Yes, the relationship between letters and numbers has been in existence since ages.

But, baby name numerology has suddenly picked up momentum like never before because parents have started to realize that a baby’s name carries far more weight than they thought.

If you are sold to the study of baby name numerology, do share this article with your friends and family via any social media platform of your choice.

You never know, it might just help someone out there!