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What Is The Meaning Of Seeing 11?

Have you ever been at times when you randomly check the clock or your phone, you happen to see the numbers 11:11?

And if it keeps recurring, have you ever wondered, “Why do I keep seeing the number 11?”.

Many people tend to make a quick wish at this precious minute of 11:11!

Interestingly, there has been reports of people getting married at date or time with recurring eleven!

Well, even kids born at such time has been given ample importance in media too.

But, why such hype for a simple number?

Here is the reason and the angel number 11 meaning.

Interestingly, whatever you are seeing is not mere coincidence but is something very magical which is filled with positivity and goodness.

As the name suggests, this number is extremely powerful and is an indication that angels are near you and are hearing you.

This is why it is always said to have only positive thoughts at that moment.

When you see this number or the combination of the same, it is a direct message from your angels that you have to continue working towards things that make you happy and eventually achieve the purpose of your life.

You are encouraged to connect with yourself more, deep within to understand your life.

If you continuously keep seeing the numbers then you are a chosen soul to be an inspiration and bring light in others’ lives.

In addition, if you are praying heartily for something and if you see these numbers, it is a sign that your prayers are going to be answered soon.

It is important to note that angel number meaning varies from one interpretation to another; however, the core understanding of angel number 11 is that it is a powerhouse of positivity and hope.

angel aura 11Strange Things About Angel Number 11 You Need To Know

  1. When you are going through a rough phase, especially when it comes to struggles in achieving your goals and if you see the number 11, it is a sign that you need to make some minor alterations in the steps taken by you because you are very close to the goal.
  2. This magical number is a sign of change and when you see this, there is a possibility that there is some change coming your way and you need to be ready to get adapted to the same.
  3. If you are having a tough time at your employment place or in finding a decent job and you see this number; it is a sign of hope that you soon are going to be showing your leadership skills at your new business or job.
  4. The number 1 is considered auspicious and since the number 11 has twice such auspiciousness, your success will be twice your efforts!
  5. If you are a possessive person in your romantic relationship, this number is a sign that you need to start working on the same and be possessive only to a healthy level. Further, it is a sign that if you continue being very possessive, the chances of fight is getting increased! In brief, it is a wakeup call to keep your partner close with more love and romance.
  6. If you are a person with high temper, then this number is a command from your angels that you need to start controlling your anger. Where, if you fail to do, you are in the danger of getting into huge troubles in future.

What Does Guardian Angel Number 11 Say In Numerology?

Seeing the number 11 can be a positive part of the day, but what does number 11 mean in numerology about your life?

Your work life and business career.

If you are born with the master number 11, you tend to love work and excel in the same.

Interestingly, even if you take up multiple jobs, you will excel in each and every job.

Your area of interest usually surrounds around finances especially stock exchange, international relations and business.

You enjoy earning a lot and equate the joy of life with money.

You love freedom and this is one of the reasons why people born with such master number shine in the self-employment business!

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Your life missions.

You are like the candle in this world full of darkness.

You are chosen to show the bright side of life to every possible person.

You tend to have extremely high goals which sometimes can frustrate you that you are not able to achieve the same.

This is the reason why you tend to have high temper throughout your life and is always expected to work on the same towards the road of patience and serenity.

You have very empathetic heart and that’s why you tend to be vulnerable at times.

As a result, you are very sensitive in day to day life.

angel number 11 love meaningLove life.

You are loyal, sensual, attractive, and passionate and put in a lot of effort as well as energy in understanding your partner’s needs.

You take things slowly in your relationship but you love one night stands equally.

You love it when people praise you, more than receiving any valuable gift.

Quick fact: if you are a holder of the life path of number 11, you are considered to be an old soul and this why you always tend to be filled with wisdom!

Your positives aspects.

  1. you have a good idea about all possible topics.
  2. you are blessed to think clearly during any crisis and thus calmly deal with it.
  3. you are orderly, adapt to situations and can see deeply into anyone.

The negative aspects of having angel number 11 as life path.

  1. you prefer work rather than relaxing- this can sometimes impact mental health and relationships.
  2. you are very open- this can sometimes backfire and people can sometimes use it against you.
  3. you sometimes may get involved in bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol.

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