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Feng Shui is one of the oldest Chinese beliefs.

It stems from the determination of one’s luck.

Lucky numbers play a huge role in Feng Shui for luck and fortune. Auspicious chi energy can be generated by using the lucky numbers in Feng Shui.

When you choose a house address or Feng Shui phone number, it all comes down to the lucky numbers influencing your success in life.

The Kua Number is the main number which needs to be discovered in Feng Shui. It is determined with the help of your birth year and gender. A special formula can be used to calculate the personal Kua Number.

Find and Use the Kua Number

The Kua Number guides you with unlocking all of these auspicious energies. Having a professional authentic Feng Shui calculated will help you map out the inauspicious and auspicious areas.

The Kua number of your home, your Kua Number, the flying stars and the eights mansions are all interconnected. They are vital components for mapping out your home’s and your energy relationship.

feng shui numerologyLucky Number Eight

According to the Chinese word, the number eight is considered to be lucky as it sounds just like prosper. Many of the Feng Shui symbols and application are interconnected and are grouped in eights such as stalks that are a lucky bamboo plant, chimes of a wind chime and coins.

  • Figure eight or infinity knows are considered to be auspicious and can be found as decorative supports for symbols, objects and emblems of Feng Shui.
  • Feng Shui design principles are important when looking for a new home as they are used for the incorporation of the number eight.
  • Number eights and nines are often selected by people for phone numbers to bring luck.

The Eight Mansions Formula

The formula is based on the Eight Mansions Theory which focuses on the certain energies which are attached to everyone since the time of their birth.

One would find these energies to be of great assistance in just about every area in life.

By knowing about these energies and how to make use of them, you would be able to become extremely lucky in your life.

Lucky Number Nine in Feng Shui

Another lucky number is the number nine in Feng Shui.

Since the number has the same pronunciation as the Cantonese word sufficient. There is a belief that number nine has the power to ensure abundance and whatever one might need such as a home, food, career success, health and money.

Nine also represents a long and happy life.

Lucky Number Two

The number two is also considered to be lucky in Feng Shui. It is based on the Chinese belief of pairs which represents good fortune to follow such as a pair of people, plants, animals and even objects. It is a part of the Chinese culture.

  • Gifts should be given in multiples of two. For example, if you want to give a wedding present to a couple then you would need to offer them with two gifts and not just one as that would not be lucky.
  • If anyone plans on putting up paintings or any objects in the master bedroom, pairs should always be used. A pair of mandarin ducks is considered to be lucky. So, if you see just a single duck painting, then you would need to get another one to match the pair.
  • When you fit someone many gifts, it is believed that you are bestowing them with more luck and to even yourself. It is based on the belief that when you give to the world, you would receive double-fold.
  • There is no limit to the number of gifts that you give someone and two is only the beginning. However, never give someone four gifts as it is considered as an insult and bad luck.

Lo Shu and Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology focuses on the numbers by looking at their similarity to other words.

For example, there are only fours sounds for the word death and there are five sounds for the words without or not.

This means that the number five can be both inauspicious and auspicious, depending on how one uses it.

lucky flying star numberLucky Flying Star Numbers

The flying star formulas consist of three stars which are considered to be unlucky and inauspicious. These are the star 5 which represents the yellow star of misfortune, the star 2 that is for illness and the star 7 which depicts violence or robbery.

The cosmic stars are represented by the flying stars. There are monthly and annual flying stars. The 9 stars on the other hand carry specific properties which visit the person’s office or home.

The classical Feng Shui professionals are able to calculate the position of each of the stars on annual basis and how they change their place every month. It’s just like how the counterparts would move in the heavens.

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Use Lucky Numbers in Feng Shui to Find Your Own Lucky Numbers

Many people use lucky numbers in Feng Shui to find their own lucky numbers such as to win the lottery or anything else in life.

The numbers which are considered to be the luckiest are 9, 8 and 6.

Use these in any combination of numbers 19, 18 and 16 to win big in life such as the lottery and just about anything else.

lucky number vibrationFeng Shui Lucky Numbers

Before, you finish reading this post, it is important for you to use Feng Shui lucky numbers in your daily life to take advantage of the lucky Feng Shui Numbers.

Experiment these with different series or groupings to find happiness and success in life.

If you want your friends to get lucky too then you should share this post on your social media and help them make use of Feng Shui numbers numerology in their life.

Remember the concept of sharing.

You will receive double-fold for your generosity.

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